"Good for the spirit."
~ Phil Kammann
"Very helpful meeting. Also helped me with understanding the importance of LinkedIn and networking"
~ Dan Lewis
"GO! really helped me to sharpen my networking and communication skill. Additionally, it was great to meet others in similar situations and get to know more about my adopted city."
~ Patrick Breaux
"I love you guys! Without the experience of GO! Network, I most likely would have sought any job (To quote David Hults: "I can be purple!") and been absolutely miserable as a result."
~ Debra Fox
"GO! Network helped me so much to get through the hardest time of my life. You taught me that I was not alone, how to interview, create an elevator speach, etc. Things I hadn't never had to think about or use. I am grateful for your support and encouragement to never quit. And yes I did have the opportunity to interview for my new position through networking. Thank you again,"
~ Vivian Peters
"GO! Network seminars helped me understand the job search market today, as it has changed since I last had to search for employment. Meeting participants there made me feel somewhat relieved that I wasn't the only one in this predicament. Thanks for having this network forum for those between jobs."
~ Donald Folston
"Having been a member of GO!Network during 2009 (and finding employment later in 2009) I was very familiar with GN's services. The first Tuesday after my position was eliminated I returned to Go!Network to start off my job search on a strong note. The positive vibes, encouragement from members and phenominal motiviating presentations provided me much support."
~ Timothy Mulligan
"This was the best Networking program that I have ever been to. Keep up the good works."
~ Clarke Winkle
"I really appreciate all that GO provided. The support was greatly needed and the presentations were so helpful."
~ Amy Moses
"Attending GO! Network was a great opportunity to network with other professionals and hear exceptional professional speakers."
~ Marva McJoy
"The support and encouragement provided through the GO! Network was very helpful. Thank you and good luck to all!"
~ David Wilson
"Found the speakers to be a great source of information to help me with the networking and negotiations once receiving a job offer."
~ Sharon Wagner
"I attended GO! Network for approximately two years. During that time I met many talented, positive people. GO! Network was instrumental in updating my job search skills. It was also a great support through the ups and downs of a job search cycle. I am thankful for all those people who have generously contributed of their time to help those dealing with the job search process."
~ Molly Walsh
"Great speakers!"
~ Sharon Wagner
"During this transition it allowed me meet and network with other professionals who were going through what I was going through and it instantly created a bond where we could share resources along with providing encouragement to one another."
~ Linda Peoples

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Leadership Lessons from the Life of Steve Jobs with Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, January 3, 2012

Leadership Lessons from the Life of Steve Jobs with Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, January 3, 2012

Every generation develops leaders who change the world and inspire those around them to perform beyond their individual capabilities. Join us on January 3rd as Dr. Benjamin Akande shares his perspectives on Leadership and Steve Jobs with an inspiring message of empowerment that will nurture your the ability to lead from wherever you are in [...]

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

To our GO! Network Family: As we approach this holiday season, we take time to reflect on the challenge of John O’Leary and “Do Not Be Afraid.”  While transition may bring challenges, it also brings us great opportunities. Earlier today, we delivered your donated items to Almost Home.  Their gratitude for your thoughtfulness in providing these [...]

More than mistletoe!  Discovering the most wonderful time of the year with John O’Leary, Tuesday December 20, 2011

More than mistletoe! Discovering the most wonderful time of the year with John O’Leary, Tuesday December 20, 2011

In our times of difficulty and challenge, we are reminded of the awesome experience of long ago. This Christmas week, journey with John O’Leary as he repaints the glorious story of the Nativity. John will reveal the amazing resilience, hope and wonder that is necessary to overcome the unknown. Like those gathered in Bethlehem, your [...]

Almost Home Donations for December 20th Holiday Celebration

GO! NETWORK 2011 HOLIDAY CELEBRATION, December 20, 2011 During our Holiday celebration, we will be collecting items for Almost Home, a transitional residence for teenage mothers and their children. Almost Home is in need of personal items for these young families; the everyday things that we take for granted. The following items are most in [...]